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About Us

     Hello, my name is Keri Beaudoin and I am the founder of Stella Star Soaps & Candles, a small family business.  I have always been a crafty person; quilting, crocheting, hooking rugs, and tole paintings have all been passions of mine. But after making a few batches of cold process soaps I knew I had to make way for a new hobby. I wanted to make high quality bars of soap for my family and friends and needed to learn more. So, I enrolled in several soap making classes from the world famous soap mentor Kerri Mixon. Since taking my soap making classes and becoming a member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild, I have been able to produce high quality handmade soaps.

     I also love to bake and soon I combined my love for baking with soap making. I started to make soaps that looked like cupcakes, pies, and other yummy desserts. After several years of soap making I became interested in making candles. I spent a year trying different wax blends, until I created the perfect blend of a soy hybrid wax that would pipe like real whip cream and/or frosting. I later developed a wax blend that could be placed in a pie tin and knuckle pinched like real pie dough.

 My candles are all handmade, only a few molds are used for fruits, nuts, candies, etc. I use high quality butters, oils, fragrances, and waxes for all my soaps and candles. My soaps have a high percentage of Shea Butter, which makes nice bars of soap that won’t erode away after just a couple weeks of use all while; lathering well, smelling great, and moisturizing your skin.

     Once I was able to create high quality soaps and candles, I wanted to share them with others. Soon Stella Star Soaps & Candles went from just an idea to a business. With a lot of help from my husband, Don, and my son, Brandon, I left my hospice nursing career and started Stella Star Soaps & Candles. All of the soaps and candles are individually created and inspected by me. I pay close attention to details and want every item to look fantastic and smell great.  I care about my customers and would like everyone to have a positive experience with their Stella Star products and customer service.

     Customer feedback is important to me and I would appreciate yours. Thanks you for visiting Stella Star Soaps & Candles!